About This Blog

This blog DOES NOT CONTAIN PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGES, VIDEO, OR OTHER TYPES OF RELATED MATERIAL.  What this blog does contain, however, is ideas, thoughts, explanations, and stories as seen through the eyes of a heterosexual man married to a bisexual woman.  The purpose of this site is to share with others the experiences as they relate to this type of mixed orientation marriage and this marriage in particular.  Readers must be forewarned that this blog has been given an “R” rating.  The subject matter is adult in nature and theme.  So, please choose wisely whether to continue reading or not.

Bisexual orientation is not something exactly accepted by mainstream society.  Besides my wife and what few people I know of who are bisexual and admit so in closed circles, I have yet to meet  a person who openly addresses themselves as bisexually oriented.  I have, however, met many people over they years who are openly homosexual.  Until recently, my life had consisted of mainly heterosexual friends with a few gay friends as well.  My life and marriage as a heterosexual man married to a heterosexual woman came to an abrupt end.  What followed was a new life as a straight man married to a bisexual woman.

This blog chronicles this new life of mine.